What are QR codes?

Welcome to First National Real Estate Epping Central’s brand new technology – QR Codes – providing a fantastic innovation in viewing properties on your mobile phone! (Quick Response Codes)

QR codes are placed on print media such as signboards, window display, brochures and open house lists so when you are out and about you simply scan the QR code and the full details of the property including photo's are ready to view on your mobile phone.


  1. Install a QR code reader on your web-based mobile: Simply go to www.reim.mobi on your mobile and follow the instructions. The QR code reader software will automatically identify your handset type, download and install the QR code reader. (Standard mobile data charges will apply for downloading the code reader application.)

  2. With the QR code reader installed on your mobile, you will be ready to decode mobile barcodes and connect directly to the mobile internet. Of course you will need internet service from your provider.

  3. Once installed, depending on your mobile phone, the application is generally stored in the “Applications” or “Installations” folder on your mobile phone. Open the application and this will turn your phone’s camera into a “barcode scanner” capable of reading QR Codes when activated.

  4. Open the Application, place the camera view over the QR Code and scan it. The reader will automatically scan the QR code and take you to the reim.mobi URL.

Now simply try it on the QR code shown on the right:


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